The Hersham Community Council

HCC brochure

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Hersham is a village community with a long heritage and a strong identity; welcoming and friendly. However, it needs protection. In the recent changes to local ward boundaries Hersham lost much of its traditional territory and, with it, half its councillors in the Elmbridge Borough Council. This means we now have less representation. Many residents who are proud of being a part of Hersham are now actually represented by councillors from Esher, Weybridge or Oatlands. Something needs to happen otherwise the community risks being fragmented and marginalised.

We are a steering group of passionate Hersham residents who don’t want to see our community diminished. This site aims to give you an overview of our proposals for the creation of a Hersham Community Council including how it should work and what it could mean for you.

We are also looking for volunteers and like-minded individuals to join us in developing a community council: a legally recognised level of governance closest to the community that it serves. At present, a community council for Hersham is just a proposal, but with your support it can be made a reality.

A Community Council for Hersham - key facts

Why should Hersham have a Community Council?

Every town, village or community needs its own local voice to help maintain and develop its sense of identity and an associated caring and inclusive community spirit. This is particularly true of Hersham following the ward boundary review carried out in 2016. Elmbridge Borough Council (EBC) ward boundaries were reviewed by the Local Government Boundary Commission England (LGBCE) to equalise the electoral numbers in each ward, following a reduction in the number of EBC councillors.

This has resulted in many Hersham electors now being represented by councillors of adjacent wards. Previously Hersham had 6 councillors, now we have only 3. There are another 9 from other wards who have a say in matters relating to Hersham, but who are primarily interested in their own communities.  Places without a strong local voice become less well defined as a community and less able to defend their cause forcefully as local services and the green belt are threatened.

Creating a Community Council will help the community of Hersham retain its identity and give it a public voice.